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  • Guangxi XinShiDai Logistics Co.,Ltd.
    National Service Hotline

    0777-3831168 / 0777-3665168

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    Into the new era

    Guangxi xinshidai Logistics Co., Ltd. belongs to the Guangxi branch of Yili Logistics Group. Founded in 2017, registered capital: 5 million. Is a freight forwarding company specializing in domestic coastal container business. The company is committed to opening up domestic coastal port business while taking the port as a radiation point, extending the business scope to all parts of the country, the business scope covers 30 provinces, cities, and regions ...





    YILI GROUP Riverside Transport River transport Binhai Logistics Deshengchang International
    National Service Hotline:


    Fax: 0777-38311686
    Email: gzyili888@163.com
    QQ: 1315515680 Zip code: 535008

    Address: Room 407, Building A, Haifu Center, Qinzhou Port Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangxi

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